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Bell Lincoln Service Center

Get Your Lincoln Serviced Today at Bell Lincoln, Inc.

At Bell Lincoln, Inc., we take great pride in delivering the best quality maintenance services to your Lincoln vehicle. No matter if you need quick and easy oil service, brake check and repair or standard transmission service, our team of certified technicians will give it the top-of-the-line treatment.

For that, we like to share with you some of the details of the whole to give you an idea of what to expect when you bring your Lincoln to our Bell Lincoln, Inc. Service Center.

Scheduling Appointments

Scheduling an appointment with our service center is an effortless affair. You can schedule an appointment using our online web portal. All you need is your make, model, year and mileage. If you can grab the VIN, that would help immensely.

You can also give us a call or email us, and a member of our service team with assisting you in scheduling the right time to bring in your Lincoln. They will talk you through what each service entails.

General Service and Maintenance

When you bring your Lincoln to our Service Center, it will be in the hands of a factory-trained technician with years of experience. They have the latest special tools and equipment to complete each efficiently. Moreover, our service center contains a whole host of OEM parts and accessories to give your Lincoln or Ford a new lease on life.

Oil Changes


While an oil change is the most standard service, it is by far the most important. Our service team provides a comprehensive check and inspection of your vehicle as part of the oil change. Each of our oil changes services synthetic blend oil, providing your vehicle's engine with added performance and longevity. In addition, the technician will perform a tire rotation to make sure your tires wear evenly.

Battery Replacement

One of the most vital components of your Lincoln is the battery. Batteries usually last around five years. Once they start to go bad and your engine begins to stutter on start-up, it is time for a replacement. If you suspect your Lincoln may have a problem, we strongly suggest coming by our service center. While here, we will test your battery for signs of wear and replace the battery if needed.

Brake Pad and Rotor Repair

Over the course of your Lincoln's life, the brake pads and rotors will wear down and lose effectiveness. Once that occurs, your brakes will not give you consistent stopping if in an emergency. Our service center has OEM brake pads and rotors that will give you confidence while out on the road.

Tire Care and Replacement


For each service, our team performs a regular tire rotation, so all four of your tires wear equally over the tires' lifespan. Eventually, once the tire tread depth goes below a threshold, it's time to replace them.

We understand searching for the right tires can be very stressful given the number of options out there. Please don't fret, though; our service team only stocks the best quality tires around, giving you peace of mind on the road and at home. Plus, you can save a sizable portion on your next tire purchase with our rotating tire offers.

Contact Bell Lincoln, Inc To Schedule an Appointment

Call or email us today to schedule your next service appointment. Our service team can't wait to chat with you about all things Lincoln. We'll see you soon.